1. Qingdao hetai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, the company occupies 11 acres with a registered capital of 300 million yuan a whole, it plans additional $ 200 million. My company employs approximately 50 people, including two senior engineers, mid-level title 3, undergraduate or higher degree of management and R & D personnel 5. Our company is the manufacture of PVC conical twin-screw extruder and PE \ PP \ PP-R \ ABS single-screw extruder and its production line and auxiliary production and development of professional manufacturers

        KraussMaffei extrusion unit using the latest technology
        Siemens brand motor unit
        Electric control system adopts Siemens HMI control
        ABB inverter using professional brand
        Most professional Hardened reducer distribution box

        New production of environmentally friendly plastic products has been a precondition for innovation and Thailand
        By brand parts manufacturing first-class plastic plates, sheets, tubes and wood profile equipment
        European and American advanced technology, the leading domestic
        Multiple processing of raw materials used to achieve recycling, conservation of raw materials, environmentally friendly and durable

        All products aftermarket reply 1 hour, 48 hours domestic scene, the better for the customer to buy time for production
        Any problems on-site engineers and senior technicians in the fastest time will be rushed to the scene, repair and replacement
        Provide comprehensive product knowledge and procedures related to training, periodic inspection and return services per year.

        01.Equipment and technical services
        Skilled rich professional service engineers。
        02.Equipment quality shelf life of one year
        Equipment quality shelf life of one year (from date of shipment), quality shelf life Should not artificial or natural disaster damage, accessories provided free of charge to the customer.
        03.Provide the main electrical parts, spare parts for free
        I shipping company that provides free major electrical parts, spare parts and maintenance instruction manual to protect books, provide water equipment, electrical equipment and installation diagram
        04.Provide the main electrical parts, spare parts for free
        I am responsible to assist with installation, commissioning and training services, factory equipment after three bags a year. Spare parts for equipment by price offer after one year.