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        1. Service
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          Qingdao hetai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide the entire industry out of service, the company each product using the most advanced technology, the most reliable quality. My company's service and support to have the same high level, in addition to the superb technology, our company provides the following services have not yet customers:
          First, the equipment and technical services: a rich professional and skilled service engineers.
          Second, the quality of equipment shelf life of one year (from date of shipment), quality shelf life Should not artificial or natural disaster damage, accessories provided free of charge to the customer.
          Third, the shipping company that provides the main electrical parts free of charge, use of spare parts and maintenance of security instructions book, providing water equipment, electrical equipment and installation drawings.
          Fourth, I am responsible to assist with installation, commissioning and training services, factory equipment after three bags a year. Spare parts for equipment by price offer after one year.
          For direct contact with our service department, please call:

          0532-87271708 87271709